Volunteering Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Animal Zone International on the Greek island of Amorgos! We care for cats, dogs, equines and wild animals every year, and couldn't do it without our dedicated volunteers. 

  • Available year around

  • Duration 2-12 weeks

  • Accommodation in single or double hotel rooms with private bathroom

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

  • Work for 4 hours per day includes feeding stray cats, walking dogs, help with cleaning our animal shelter, caring for our equines, help during our sterilization programs etc.


Staying in Amorgos is absolutely safe

and people will make you feel like part of their families.

Land area: 126.3 sq.km.

Population: 2000 permanent inhabitants, more than 4000 during summertime

Coastline: 121 km

How to get here: from Piraeus port 8-9 hours by regular ferry boat, 5-6 hours by high-speed ferry

Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades at the Aegean Sea. It is known as the island of the big blue, due to the crystal clear waters with their deep blue color. Its dramatic mountainous morphology combined with amazing beaches creates a captivating beauty that will immediately embrace the visitors.

Amorgos has two main ports and many small villages, famous for their warm traditional hospitality.


  • Explore one of the most beautiful Greek islands

  • Experience the traditional hospitality and the original Greek lifestyle

  • Feel safe and welcomed by the local community

  • Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters or hiking in unique ancient paths

  • Help a non-profit organization that has transformed the lives of many animals and has provided knowledge, education and public awareness on animal welfare

about animal zone international

Animal Zone International is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals, improving the environment and shaping tomorrow's future for an island community, beginning on the Greek island of Amorgos.


·         Employ veterinarians to treat animals of the island

·         Control stray cats population by organizing sterilization programs

·         Rescue abused and neglected horses, mules, and donkeys

·         Feed stray animals

·         Provide housing for cats and dogs awaiting adoption

·         Educate the community through books and lectures

·         Eliminate animal transmitted diseases

Our Volunteers