Frou Frou

On the fourth of May, a tiny kitten came to our Center from the region of Aegiali. She was only one month old and she was very frail and wobbly, having been taken away from her mother and abandoned.

The kind Samaritan who rescued her did his best to help but this young kitten was in need of expert care and so he brought her to AZI’s Center.

We named her Frou Frou and with intensive care and proper nutrition she began slowly to improve. After that we began to search for a home for her and Vassiliki responded.

She brought Frou Frou home to be a companion to the sweet dog that Vassiliki had also adopted from our shelter and now these two lucky members of the animal kingdom are in love with one another and keep one another company while Vassiliki is at work. We believe that Frou Frou has found her forever home and we are grateful and thankful to all the kind humans who have intervened in her young life.


The Danger of Empty Cans

Please beware! Discarded cans from pet food pose a deadly threat for stray animals. For this reason we must always compress them before they are discarded.

Some days ago we were called to help a cat with his head trapped in an empty tin. The woman who found him struggling did her best to free him but was not successful. Understandably, the cat was in serious distress and so she contacted us.

The poor cat was exhausted and starved for oxygen. He was extremely fortunate to have been freed from the can and has now returned to his normal life, hunting for food and water. But please keep in mind that an empty can is just another danger in the life of these vulnerable creatures. So please do what you can to prevent this in the future!


A Wine Tasting


Enjoy a night of exquisite Italian wines benefiting Amorgos

Italy cultivates roughly 2,000 native grape varieties. Award-winning wine journalist Lisa Denning and Italian wine specialist Marco Salerno will introduce the concept of native grapes and highlight varieties that are under the radar for the general public but are being talked about excitedly within insider Italian wine communities.

Featured wines:

Abisso Cataratto (2017) from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily
Crivelli, Grignolino (2017) from Monferrato, Piedmont
Raina, Umbria Rosso della Gobba (2015) from Montefalco, Umbria

The presentation will explore the grapes' connection with the history and culture of the respective regions.

Join us to support the mission of AZI, a unique animal care center on the island of Amorgos. Our efforts include vaccinating and managing the cat population on the island, caring for many injured and sick animals, rescuing abused dogs and equines, and school visits on the island.

Wednesday, June 19th at 6:30 pm

Robert Simon Fine Art, 22 E 80th Street, New York, NY 10075

Buy your ticket now at

If you prefer to pay by check, please send to Animal Zone International, PO Box 1039, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10003.

A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible.
Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Looking for a loving home

Achileas is looking for a good home. He is a gelding and about 14 years old. He came to us about 6 months ago because the teenager who bought him realized he couldn't take care him properly.

Achileas has a wonderful, amazing character. He is very friendly, social, and calm. He coexists well with other animals and is overall an ideal horse.

Our shelter is not an appropriate place for a big, young healthy horse like Achileas so we are searching for a more suitable place for him to go. Because of his gentle and sweet nature he will be good company for someone who needs a friend.

Here are 2 short videos with Achileas: 


Visit from the Veterinarian

The great Doctor Andrianna Alexandropouloucame to our Center in order to carry out our annual spring sterilization program. Many of our island strays were spayed and neutered as well as many of the animals owned by members of our island community and examinations and vaccines were provided as well. The cats came from all the villages of Amorgos—the areas of Katapola, Kastelopetra, Chora, Saint George Valsamitis, Kato Meria and Aegiali.

Doctor Alexandropoulou was sent to us by the Amorgosvia Aegean Cats along with Doctor Manolis Vorissis and together they have begun a vital program for the care of the enormous stray population in these Cyclades Islands.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Amorgos who covered the expenses for the medical supplies as well as the salary of the vet and host the vet during this time. We thank also the Vice Mayor Mrs Anna Gavala for their continued help in our project.

We also want to thank all of our donors who help us continue this most important work and of course our amazing volunteers Hariklia, Mata, Anna, Giorgos, Evangelia, Iannis and Angeliki as well as the local residents for their important help.

We have renewed our appointment for the autumn!!!

Thank you, once again, Andrianna, Manolis and Aegean Cats—we live together with love and generosity.


Thank You Perfect Pet!

We want to warmly thank Perfect Pet ( for their donation of cat food.

Perfect Pet responded directly to our request for cat food by sending us a large quantity of food that fulfills our immediate needs to feed hungry stray cats.

During this difficult time in Greece, one of the main challenges faced by animal welfare associations like ours is supporting and feeding the huge number of stray cats under our care. The tremendous generosity of Perfect Pet is an example to be imitated!

From all of us in New York and Amorgos, a huge thanks to Perfect Pet!!!

perfect pet collage.jpg

When Liza Met Sissy

These two lovely girls spent one year together in our Center in Amorgos. But then Liza was adopted into a wonderful home in Holland and Sissy was adopted into another wonderful home in Holland and the best friends were separated.

After a few months their wonderful mothers gave Liza and Sissy the gift of a playdate and the girls were so happy to spend time together.

We miss these beautiful girls but know that they are enjoying a loving and happy life in their new country. We want to thank Linda and Henriette—the most wonderful moms who are raising our girls with love and kindness.



In mid January, Sara came to our Center with a serious respiratory infection as well as with a number of other problems. This small kitten had been living in the garden of a kind woman who tried to help her but when the problems grew too serious she came to us for help Sara.

For twenty one days we cared for Sara and treated her many problems. Now, She is a playful kitten and has gained enough weight to go back to her garden where she will be cared for with kindness.

We have donated a special food for kittens (Royal Canin Kitten) and we hope and pray that Sara will remain healthy and grow strong so that she will be able to survive the hard winter seasons that are so difficult for our island cats and kittens.



A tiny kitten in great distress was rescued by Anna, our Volunteer in Chora, and brought to us at the Center in January.

Michos was frail and thin and suffered from many of the problems that cats born on the street are prone to, so many in fact, that we were not sure that we could save him. But Michos, this small miraculous fellow, not only survived but thrived and he has now fully recovered and is ready for adoption.

In March we will neuter Michos and we hope and pray that he will be adopted so that we do not have to return him to the place where he was found.

He is a sweet, sweet boy and clearly has great strength since he managed to come through a storm of neglect. Now, we hope that his sweetness and strength will find a loving home.

Please contact us if you are interested in welcoming into your family!

Save a life

Dear residents and visitors of Amorgos:

If you see a sick or injured cat on Amorgos, please don’t let it suffer. Call us and we will come to its aid. Animal Zone International is committed to helping animals in need on Amorgos.

Recently, we were confronted with a tragic situation. In Langada, one of our volunteers found an extremely ill cat who was suffering very badly. His mouth and surrounding area was completely deteriorated and he was actively bleeding from its mouth. The pictures are too terrible to publish.

By the time the cat was brought to us, it was too late to help him, and the only humane solution was euthanasia. Sadly, we can only assume that he was in this appalling condition for many days, and yet no one took steps to help the poor creature.

In the future, we implore all passersby not to ignore the suffering of an animal and to call us so that we can give treatment earlier, possibly saving it from suffering and death.

Our clinic is located in the area of Katapola, and we are readily available for animals in need. When we can, we will come to you but sometimes we may ask your help to bring the animal to our center if a car is not available.

To contact us, call: +30 22850 71716 
For emergencies, call: +30 697 4990045

Thank you in advance for your help!

cat help 2019.jpg

Equine Shelter Fundraiser

In 2010, Animal Zone International was first moved to rescue equines when members of PMAA, the local animal association, reported the tragic existence of a neglected mare, donkey and mule. These animals were abandoned, castaway as unfit for work, in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no water, and with their legs tied together to restrict their movement. 

To house these rescued equines, AZI financed the construction of a stable on the land offered by the Municipality of Amorgos. Since that time, AZI has sheltered many equines in need.

After nine years of constant use, the stable and shelter in general are in great need of renovation. More urgently, one week ago strong winds blew off part of the roof of the stable, with the result that our animals (1 horse, 1 mule, and 2 donkeys) are now left without proper shelter. 

As it is still winter on the island and the weather is very cold and rainy, it is critical for the roof to be repaired quickly. We are asking for the help of animal lovers everywhere to pitch in to raise emergency funds for this. If we each give a small amount, we will have enough to rebuild the stable. 

Let's work together! These equines deserve a sturdy shelter against the cold winter weather. Our goal is $1,701 (1.500,00 euro). With your generous help we can make it happen!

equine before and after.jpg

With sorrow

The members of Animal Zone International would like to express their deep sorrow at the death of Sofoklis Prekas, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family.

Sofoklis Prekas was a great man, kind and generous, and always ready to offer his help to those in need. He was a long-time supporter of AZI and, when we were in need of a site for our clinic, he gave us space in his own building without asking for payment.

Later, as we grew and needed even more space for the storage of food for our rescued animals, he gave us another room without charge.

Sofoklis Prekas was good-natured and always willing to reach out to those around him. So many of our lives have been enriched by this loving man, not least among us his friends in the animal kingdom.

You will be missed dear Sofoklis and we join your family in paying our deepest, deepest respects.


Mao, a blind cat who lived for years in Chora of Amorgos, was rescued by the owners of the Jasmine café-bar and by a young girl named Venia.

A few days ago, Venia found Mao lying in the street in agony after having been poisoned. Venia, with her two friends Christos and Despina, rushed to call us and ask for our help.

Mao was brought immediately to our clinic where extraordinary measures were taken and today, sweet Mao is purring again and asks for affection. This sweet and innocent creature was saved because someone cared, because three friends acted with kindness and generosity.

We give our thanks to Venia, Christos and Despina, and we feel blessed to have been a part of this beautiful moment. Venia will be back in her neighborhood, cared for by the owners of the Jasmine Café and by all those who have been touched by her story.


Now a sweet beauty, Bella came to our Center on 1st of November when she was only 2 months old. She was a tiny, sick kitten full of skin problems. Now she's become a healthy, plump, beautiful kitten.
Please donate NOW to help us continue her care! 
And, in due time, she will be available for adoption. Won't you welcome this gorgeous little beauty into your home?


Dr. Vorisis

The great Dr. Vorisis came to our center to help in the sterilization program that we have begun. Many strays were spayed and neutered but he also saw many of the animals owned by members of our island community who were in need of examinations and vaccines.

Among those animals who came to us was a pregnant goat with a deep wound in her chest which Dr. Vorisis cleaned and planned to suture, but, before he could perform the surgery, this sweet goat gave birth to two handsome healthy boys.

After the birth the doctor repaired the wound and the goat and her babies were returned to their home, where, we hear, they are doing beautifully well.

Thank you, once again, Dr. Vorisis!


Our beautiful white mule Meropi is no longer with us.

Meropi came to our equine shelter five years ago once her legs were no longer able to support the heavy loads that she had been carrying through her long life, as well as due to the damage of the hobbling that she endured once those loads were delivered.

After Meropi was freed of these burdens her condition improved and she lived through her last years in our shelter surrounded by peace and loving care. But time moved on and the long years of hard work took their toll on her damaged limbs.

The diagnosis for Meropi was not good, her suffering was great, and, because she was no longer able to stand, we at the Center, along with our veterinarian, felt that the act of greatest kindness would be to send our dear thirty-year-old Meropi to sleep.

She was the sweetest of mules and her strong character had made her the head of the herd at our Center. We will all miss her but we are thankful that, with the help of so many of our supporters, we were able to give Meropi these last beautiful years of freedom and joy.



When Koutco arrived in our Center this summer he was FIV positive and had already lost the vision in one of his eyes. Since the other eye was severely compromised, Koutco was struggling to survive on the streets but after an accident that left his front right leg paralyzed his future appeared bleak.

Lamia, the benevolent woman who took care of the colony in which Koutco was living decided to contact a friend in Holland and together, Lamia and Juliette, found a shelter for him in Belgium. This is a wonderful shelter and we have sent another cat from Amorgos, the handsome Plume, to find a home with them.

The people of Vzw Zwerfkat in Belgium do tremendous work with cats in severe need and we salute them and hope that you will visit their website They have given Koutco a second chance in life and, now, he is looking forward to his true and loving forever home.


Our Seasonal Sterilization Program

Our goal for sterilization was set at sixty stray cats with a maximum of seventy, but, with the brilliant help and dedication of Dr. Manolis Vorisis, we managed to sterilize 48 females and 34 males with a grand total of 82 felines who will now go on to live healthy lives without adding to the homeless cat population of our islands.

For two days, Dr. Vorisis was aided in his work by the generosity of Dr. Anna Alexandopoulou, a veterinarian who came to us from Syros and kindly volunteered her help in this crucial program.

The cats came from all the villages of Amorgos—the areas of Katapola, Kastelopetra, Chora, Kato Meria and Aegiali (Langada). They are now in good health and after a recovery period they have all been released back into their native areas. One small female is still with us due to a wound that we are treating but she will also be released into her home area of Langada.

We want to thank our amazing vets, the scientific officer of our clinic, Dr. Manolis Vorisis who repeatedly helps us not only with these surgeries but also with advice and help for the wounded and sick cats that we continue to receive at our Center. We thank Dr. Anna Alexandropoulou who worked alongside Dr. Vorisis during those two challenging days. Doctors Vorisis and Alexnadropoulou do all of this from the goodness of their hearts and we thank the hotel Minoa for hosting them during this time.

As well, we thank the wonderful volunteer who came from Canada to assist us and we thank all of our local volunteers as well as the Municipality of Amorgos who covered the expenses for medical supplies. We thank them for their continued help in our project and we also want to thank all of our donors who help us continue this most important work.

We have renewed our appointment for the spring!!!